University of Wisconsin–Madison



Power Electronics & Electric Machines

Spring 2017 WEMPEC Seminars

3:30 pm

Room 2535 Engineering Hall (unless otherwise noted)


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Date Presenters Seminar Title
Jan. 20 WEMPEC faculty Orientation & Organizational Seminar
Jan. 27 Peter Stipan, Matt Corley
Updated Elevator Drive Design for the 21st Century
Feb. 3 David Porter
S&C Electric Co.
Effects of Sampling on PWM Performance
Feb. 10 Ryan Ditsch, Todd Hanson
How the UL 61800-5-1 Standard Impacts
Drive Certification
Feb. 17 James McFarland
Generac Power Systems
The Other Type of Synchronous Machine: Where do the Magnets Go?
Feb. 24 Frank Feng, Chris Courtney
United Technologies Aerospace Systems
Power Density of Multi-Purpose Motor Controllers – Challenge Beyond Switches
Mar. 3 Adam Larson
Kohler Power Systems
Standby Generator Sets: Application and Excitation System Design
Mar. 10 Chingchi Chen
Automotive Power Electronics
Mar. 17 Tom Ruchti, Kevin Lee
Eaton Industrial Controls
Motor Drive Systems for Eaton Industrial Controls
Mar. 24 Spring Recess ***** NO SEMINAR *****
Mar. 31 Bing Cheng, Alexander Dolpp
Electrified Powertrains at Mercedes-Benz
Apr. 7 Tom Tainer, Paul Bixel
Utility Scale PV and Energy Storage Inverters
Apr. 14 Religious Observance ***** NO SEMINAR *****
Apr. 21 Eric Schneider, Mike Armstrong
Rolls-Royce North American Development
of Electric & Hybrid-Electric Propulsed Aircraft
Apr. 28 Suman Debnath
Oak Ridge National Lab
Modular Multilevel Converters: Various Applications
May 5 Lab EOS Symposium – noon ***** NO SEMINAR *****
May 16-17 WEMPEC Annual Review Meeting