WEMPEC Annual Review

May 17th to May 18th, 2023

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Engineering Hall


Join us for in-person technical presentations presented by our faculty and students followed by

our “open lab” research project discussion session.

2023 Annual Review recording now available online!

Recordings of the faculty and students’ presentations and students’ research posters from the 2023 WEMPEC Annual Review are now available in the Publications section of this website. Please filter category Type for “Annual Review”.

View the Annual Review Recordings and Posters


Wednesday, May 17th

7:30 Networking Breakfast
8:00 Opening Remarks – WEMPEC Director Prof. Giri Venkataramanan
8:05 Dean Ian Robertson – College of Engineering Welcome
8:10 WEMPEC Present and Future – Prof. Giri Venkataramanan


8:30 Weightless Motors – Prof. Eric Severson
9:15 Our Experience 3D Printing Soft-magnetic Components: An Axial Flux Machine Case Study – Nishanth
9:35 Multi-Metal Additive Manufacturing of a Synchronous Reluctance Rotor – Dante Newman and Patrick Faue


10:15 Research Update – Prof. Dan Ludois
11:00 Single Wire Power Tethers – Shiying Wang
11:20 Integrated Capacitive Resolvers in Wound Field Machines – Marisa Liben
11:40 InterPro Continuing Education Opportunities – Associate Dean (InterPro) Ed Borbely


1:00 Uncovering the Benefits of Current Source Inverters using WBG Devices – Prof. Bulent Sarlioglu
1:45 Novel Air Cooling Techniques for Electric Machines using Inlet and Outlet Housing Openings and Blade-Shaped Rotor Design – Leyue Zhang
2:05 3D-Printed Heat Exchangers for Direct Winding Cooling in Electric Machines – Ahmed Hembel
2:30 – 5:00 On-Campus Poster Session
4:30 – 6:00 Networking Reception

Thursday, May 18th

7:30 Networking Breakfast
8:00 Opening Remarks – Prof. Giri Venkataramanan
8:05 Prof. Susan Hagness – Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. Welcome
8:10 WEMPEC Affiliate Faculty Introductions


8:30 Research Update – Prof. Giri Venkataramanan
8:35 Liquid Immersed Electronics for High Density Power Converters – Jamie Turnbull
8:55 Threshold-Based Energy Management in Resource-Constrained Systems – Maitreyee Marathe
9:15 Impedance Based Dynamic Modeling and Stability Analysis of Electromechanical Systems – Lav Thyagarajan
9:35 Frequency Adaptive Phase Compensated Harmonic Regulators – Vlatko Miskovic


10:15 Reaching for the Sky with Fault-Tolerant Modular Motor Drives – Emeritus Prof. Tom Jahns
11:00 Aircraft Electrification NAE Guest Panel – Prof. Longya Xu, Dr. Vladimir Blasko,
Dr. Hao Huang


1:00 – 3:00 On-Campus Poster Session
3:00 Informal Networking Social (Union South – Sett)
UW–Madison College of Engineering WEMPEC Annual Review 2023