The Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) is a technology center at the University of Wisconsin­‐Madison. WEMPEC began in January 1981 with a mission to provide education, research, and service. With the support of more than 60 corporate sponsors, our team of professors, staff, graduate students, and international scholars work together to research and develop the newest technologies and techniques in electric machines, power electronics, actuators, sensors, drives, motion control, and drive applications.


  • Justin Reed: 2023 Early Career Award Recipient

    Read the interview with the 2023 Early Career Award recipient, WEMPEC Ph.D. alumnus, Justin Reed, President and CTO, C-Motive Technologies Inc. Each year, the College of Engineering honors outstanding members of our alumni community who have made remarkable contributions to their fields.

  • Maitreyee Marathe Receives Research Award at Energy Data Analytics Symposium

    WEMPEC student Maitreyee Marathe was recognized for excellence in research communication at the intersection of data science and energy applications at the 2023 Energy Data Analytics Symposium at Duke University.

  • New NSF robotics and manufacturing awards for Lei Zhou

    Congratulations to Professor Lei Zhou on her two new grants from NSF! - Next-Generation Safe and Dexterous Robot Hands using High-Torque Direct-Drive Actuation - Wafer-Scale Ultrathin Layered Device Array Assembly through a Precision Soft-Robotic Stamp Transfer Process

  • Gupta, Pasayat, and Ludois receive $1.5M for semiconductor research

    Professors Chirag Gupta and Shubhra Pasayat, together with Professor Daniel Ludois, have received a $1.5 Million NSF ASCENT grant to utilize wide bandgap semiconductor materials to develop an ultra-efficient, high-voltage transistor.

  • Sustainable Energy Seminar by Prof. Giri: Jevons’ Paradox and Decarbonization

    Over a hundred years ago, the English economist William Stanley Jevons keenly observed that technological advances that increase energy efficiency leads to further increased energy consumption and not the other way around, backed by impeccable data. In this talk, Prof. Giri will review Jevons' observations and link it to present observations.

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