The Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) is a technology center at the University of Wisconsin­‐Madison. WEMPEC began in January 1981 with a mission to provide education, research, and service. With the support of more than 60 corporate sponsors, our team of professors, staff, graduate students, and international scholars work together to research and develop the newest technologies and techniques in electric machines, power electronics, actuators, sensors, drives, motion control, and drive applications.


  • Gupta, Pasayat, and Ludois receive $1.5M for semiconductor research

    Professors Chirag Gupta and Shubhra Pasayat, together with Professor Daniel Ludois, have received a $1.5 Million NSF ASCENT grant to utilize wide bandgap semiconductor materials to develop an ultra-efficient, high-voltage transistor.

  • Sustainable Energy Seminar by Prof. Giri: Jevons’ Paradox and Decarbonization

    Over a hundred years ago, the English economist William Stanley Jevons keenly observed that technological advances that increase energy efficiency leads to further increased energy consumption and not the other way around, backed by impeccable data. In this talk, Prof. Giri will review Jevons' observations and link it to present observations.

  • One Health: UW Makerspace Makeathon 2023

    WEMPEC is one of the co-sponsors of this year's Makeathon at the UW Makerspace. Join in and develop a product or system that will mitigate the impact of escalating high temperatures on marginalized populations (those experiencing housing insecurity, individuals with disabilities, stray animals, etc.)!

  • Focus on new faculty: Lei Zhou is breaking down boundaries in precision mechatronics

    Lei Zhou uses her interdisciplinary precision mechatronics research as a powerful tool for solving problems in various application areas, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and robotics. With a systems focus, she develops novel and high-performance mechatronic solutions by exploiting the synergy between precision machine design, electric machines, and control algorithms.

  • Focus on new faculty: Jinia Roy is designing the next generation of power converters

    Thomas A. Lipo Assistant Professor Jinia Roy, who has academic, government and industry research experience, is bringing a broad expertise in power conversion to WEMPEC. At WEMPEC, Jinia says she wants to continue with her wide portfolio of previous research interests and hopes to also work on the power conversion needed within electric vehicles. She also plans to explore applications where pulsed power technologies are gaining traction like laser, radar, and other industrial processes including water treatment and ozone generation.

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