Maxwell Vasatko

Credentials: B.S. 2020

It wasn’t until high school that Maxwell Vasatko of Brookfield, Wisconsin, decided that engineering was the right path for him. He participated in classes designed by Project Lead the Way, a nonprofit organization that develops hands-on learning STEM experiences to inspire students to pursue careers as scientists, engineers, researchers and healthcare professionals. It certainly inspired Vasatko, who graduated in May 2020 with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering. 

In particular, he is interested in the potential for renewable energy sources like wind and solar and is fascinated by the workings of the electric distribution network. 

At UW-Madison, he didn’t have much time for extracurriculars or internships—instead, he focused on completing his degree in three years, taking a full slate of summer courses when possible. In his rare free time, he enjoyed playing piano and cello, relaxing with video games or taking walks around the city. 

Currently, Vasatko is employed as a design engineer with Electrical Consultants, Inc., based in Madison. He works on building and analyzing models of some of the United States largest upcoming solar and wind generation projects, often several megawatts in size. Using these models, he works with other engineers to specify substation equipment ratings to ensure the safe operations of these projects.