Uros Plecevic

Credentials: B.S. 2020

Email: urosplecevic@gmail.com

B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Uros Plecevic is a solution-seeker. When he realized that hours of his insistent “Why?” questions to his mother as a young child may have been taxing, he sought to find his own answers. This began his journey to become an engineer. Through his undergraduate coursework, Plecevic was able to solidify his passion for power engineering.

A Wesmont, Illinois native, Plecevic has always been interested in alternative energy sources. He says, “I find the idea of harnessing nature’s gifts and mending them to meet our own needs very romantic, especially when it is done in a safe non-impactful way.” With knowledge from his undergraduate career, he has been able to understand how the Earth’s natural resources, such as the sun and wind, can provide clean power to all communities.

Through internships with Burns & McDonnel, a design firm, and a start-up company named Wattcoin, he gathered data and attempted to provide metrics as well as guidance to the design he assisted in. It gave him the skills he needed to thrive at his current workplace, Invenergy. There, he is an Operations Electrical Engineering where he troubleshoots, maintains, and ensures the operation integrity of numerous wind and solar powered sites. He currently is the lead support engineer for five wind sites and two up-and-coming solar sites.

A key to his success is always balance. In Plecevic’s life, he spends his free time with friends on campus playing intramural sand volleyball or unwinding by reading, drawing, astronomy, playing videogames and swimming.