Gabrielle Kohn

Credentials: B.S. 2022

Gabrielle Kohn of Genoa City, Wisconsin, came to college knowing she wanted to focus on the environment and help mitigate climate change. That led her to a student organization called Helios, with which she helped plan and implement renewable energy projects around campus, including placing solar panels on Gordon Dining Hall.

That experience helped her decide she would like to work as a renewable energy engineer. “I wanted to work in a field where I could make an actual difference in the world,” she says. “Electrical engineering in particular is such a versatile field with countless ways to impact the global community – from software and hardware design to signal processing to power generation.”

Besides Helios, she has also served as the apparel chair for the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity and enjoys hiking, music, weightlifting and painting.

In 2020 she was an electrical engineering intern for Westwood Professional Services in Madison performing electrical studies and simulations to help design solar projects. In 2021 she was an engineering services intern at the M.A. Mortenson Company, and will work in their offices full time after graduation in May.