Ian Bormett

Credentials: B.S. 2022

From an early age, Ian Bormett of Stoughton, Wisconsin, has made things, starting with Lego projects and moving up to electronics and homemade remote control planes, helicopters and drones in middle school. In high school, he refined his skills in a fabrication lab, learning how to do CAD and PCB work.
But Bormett also felt equally passionate about the environment. “I decided that the best way to combine my goals – working with electronics but for the environment – would be in the field of renewable energy,” he says. “Power engineering is an integral part of all renewable energy electrical systems, so it caught my attention early on.”
That passion extends to his extracurricular activities; he’s a member of the WiscWind wind turbine design team and helped design the power regulation system and generator stator. Bormett is also a dedicated triathlete, serving on the UW-Madison Triathlon Club Board for three years, competing in many races including placing second in the Midwest Collegiate Championships and racing at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Utah.
In 2021, Bormett interned with M. A. Mortenson in Minneapolis helping to digitally size, configure, and simulate battery plants that store hundreds of megawatt-hours of energy at renewable energy sites.
After graduation he will once again intern with M.A. Mortenson before heading to the University of Colorado Boulder to pursue an accelerated master’s degree through their Next Generation Power and Energy Systems program.