Bormett, Ian

“I decided that the best way to combine my goals – working with electronics but for the environment – would be in the field of renewable energy.”

Fritz, Tyler

“To me, the most interesting part about power engineering is the massive amount of power you can control at any given time. To watch huge motors spin up and move lots of weight is really a spectacle to behold.”

Kirner, Grant

“In my first year of undergrad, I joined Engineers Without Borders where we designed a 25kw solar, battery, and generator system for a children’s shelter in Puerto Rico. This was my first introduction in renewable energy systems.”

Kohn, Gabrielle

“From a small student organization called Helios, in which we planned and implemented renewable energy projects around UW-Madison, e.g. for Gordon Dining Hall, I became very interested in renewable energy and started to focus my degree on aspects of power engineering.”

Moore, Madison

“I chose to pursue electrical engineering, specifically, because I saw the overlap in EE and renewable energy. I decided to pursue the Engineering for Energy Sustainability Certificate. The power engineering courses have been my favorite courses!

Nguyen, Thomas

“As a high school student, I cemented my interest to study engineering through research projects in microgrids and ship electrification led by Associate Professor Rob Cuzner at UW-Milwaukee’s Center for Sustainable Electric Energy Systems.”

Payne, Taylor

“Power engineering is crucial for the future and all countries are dependent on the infrastructure provided by power engineering. I think it is important for these infrastructures to be clean and resilient.”

Plastrik, Alex

“I am interested in power engineering because it is very relevant in many current issues, especially those involving global warming and our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Weis, William

“I was always interested in power engineering as electric motors always fascinated me. All of the power engineering courses reaffirmed that I made the correct choice in career field.”