Bormett, Ian

“I decided that the best way to combine my goals – working with electronics but for the environment – would be in the field of renewable energy.”

Emery, Fotios

I discovered power engineering my junior year when I began work as a research assistant for WEMPEC, and that passion increased after volunteering as the electrical engineering lead for the WiscWind team.

Fritz, Tyler

“To me, the most interesting part about power engineering is the massive amount of power you can control at any given time. To watch huge motors spin up and move lots of weight is really a spectacle to behold.”

Hou, Ashley

“My research focuses on developing data-driven algorithms (using techniques from stochastic optimization and machine learning) to ensure reliable power systems operation as renewable generation is increasingly integrated into the grid.”

Killeen, Peter

Over the last decade, Prof. Ludois’s research group has pushed capacitive machine technology to the point of competition. The focus of my research is designing, benchmarking, and improving new power electronics for medium voltage and low current required to drive capacitive machines.

Kirner, Grant

“In my first year of undergrad, I joined Engineers Without Borders where we designed a 25kw solar, battery, and generator system for a children’s shelter in Puerto Rico. This was my first introduction in renewable energy systems.”

Kohn, Gabrielle

“From a small student organization called Helios, in which we planned and implemented renewable energy projects around UW-Madison, e.g. for Gordon Dining Hall, I became very interested in renewable energy and started to focus my degree on aspects of power engineering.”

Laning, Alexander

I took a power fundamentals class and discovered how complex and difficult effective power distribution is on a national scale and I was in awe that we manage to do it at all.

Liben (Tisler), Marisa

“My research focuses on supporting wireless power transfer technology as a viable alternative to permanent magnets in the motors found in electric vehicles. By removing permanent magnets the motor can be made cheaper and with a lower environmental impact.”

McCormick, Riley

My interest in Power Engineering deepened after taking ECE 355. “This opened my eyes to the aspects of power engineering outside of electrical distribution and started my interest in power electronics and electric machines.”