Anderson, William

I specifically chose power engineering because I want to
work with renewable or clean
energy sources to bring about
a more sustainable future.

Barnes, Dakotah

Power engineering interests me because I found the larger scale of the applications to be more directly applicable in the situations that I wanted to be working in.

Jensen, Nathan

From large scale renewable energy to smaller scale circuits in phones, I enjoy recognizing the need for it. My job is in the automation field,
so I get to work with electrical and pneumatic systems as well
as robots every day.

Monroe, Drew

I’m interested in power engineering because it affects all aspects of life. Every industry uses power at some level, and I wanted to be able
to understand how it is made
and distributed and wanted
to be a part of it.

Ng, Jacob

The electric power grid is a marvel of human engineering and it is facing unprecedented change. Power engineers have the opportunity to shape that change. I am currently looking for work in power system design, renewable energy integration research, or photovoltaics materials research.

Pascavis, Joseph

I became interested in Power Engineering during my
junior year from my
co-op experience and ECE 356.
I saw firsthand and formally learned how integral electric motors and generators are to our everyday lives.

Plecevic, Uros

My fascination with power engineering turned into a full time commitment after taking ECE 356. That class really showed me how my childhood interest can really help out the world. How, with clever ingenuity, we can harness the sun and wind and provide
clean power to our communities.
I just love that idea.

Yatso, Jacob

To me, the most interesting part of power engineering is how important it is to be efficient and sustainable, and how there is always
the opportunity to strive
for better in those areas.