Killeen, Peter

Over the past decade Professor Ludois and his research group pushed capactive machine technology to the point of competition. This machine requires new power electronics developed for medium voltage and low current.
The focus of my past 3-4 years has been designing,
benchmarking, and improving their performance.

Lindberg, Julia

I was brought into the world of power engineering during the first year of my PhD. I am most interested in applying techniques from algebraic geometry to problems arising in power engineering.

Sehloff, David

My research focuses on a technology which allows existing power transmission infrastructure to accommodate more power without the need for the difficult and expensive task of constructing new transmission lines.

Snodgrass, Jonathan

At the core of our research, we are creating new and efficient ways to determine the best locations to install new power lines in the electric grid. Specifically, we’re using two different optimization approaches and exploring the benefits of using a quadratic function to model power flow in the power system.