Short Courses

WEMPEC professors work with UW-Madison’s Interdisciplinary Professional Programs to provide many continued education short courses relating to their areas of expertise. WEMPEC member companies receive a $200 discount per course.

Upcoming Short Courses

  • Apr

    AC Machine Design Fundamentals @ 8:00 am - @ 2:30 pm Online
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    Through a building-block teaching approach, you will develop a basic understanding of AC electric machine design. By learning the core concepts of electromagnetic laws for machine design, magnetic circuit calculations, loss mechanisms, analytical design techniques, and other essential topics, you will improve your skills, and ultimately, your work. Recent developments in AC electric machine design also will be covered in this course.

  • Jun

    Power Electronics Design Boot Camp @ 8:30 am - @ 12:00 am Madison, WI or Live Online
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    Learn to master critical subjects for effective design of power electronics, like EMI/EMC, thermal, and reliability design and selection. Expert instructors in the field will teach you to analyze and control power electronic design.

  • Jul

    Fundamentals of Solar Power Plant Design @ 9:00 am - @ 3:30 pm Online
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    Learn the design fundamentals of photovoltaic projects. Gain knowledge and skills from engineers with real-life experience in solar energy and electrical delivery fields. You will also understand solar plant components and PV modules; DC system and AC collector design; civil and geotechnical issues; and interconnection to distribution and the bulk power grid.

  • Aug

    Permanent Magnet Machines and Drives Principles - Design and Applications @ 8:30 am - @ 3:00 pm Online
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    This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of permanent magnet AC machines, including the basics and major topologies, how to design permanent magnet machines, and much more. Learn the various applications of PM machines, the fundamentals of synchronous machines and machine modeling, and the major PM machine topologies.