University of Wisconsin–Madison

Short Courses

WEMPEC professors work with UW-Madison’s Department of Engineering Professional Development to provide many continued education short courses relating to their areas of expertise. WEMPEC sponsoring companies qualify for a discount rate on these courses.

Upcoming Short Courses

Introduction to Electric Energy Storage – Batteries, Chargers, and Applications
March 27-29, 2018
Las Vegas, NV

By attending this course you will be able to:

  • Understand batteries’ basic chemistry
  • Identify the advantage and disadvantages of using alternative battery types
  • Understand the figure of merits, energy, and power density limits of each electrical energy storage component type
  • Examine battery testing standards, battery charging systems and state of charge measurement techniques
  • Learn about hybrid systems using batteries
  • Understand safety and second-life use of batteries
  • Learn about a variety of applications such as automotive and grid-energy storage systems


AC Machine Design Fundamentals – Induction Motors, PM Motors, Mechanical Design, Thermal Design, and FEA Examples
April 9-11, 2018
Madison, WI

Through a building-block teaching approach, you will develop a basic understanding of AC electric machine design. By learning the core concepts of electromagnetic laws for machine design, magnetic circuit calculations, loss mechanisms, analytical design techniques, and other essential topics, you will improve your skills, and ultimately, your work. Recent developments in AC electric machine design also will be covered in this course.

By attending this course you will be able to be more effective in your engineering work by helping you:

  • Learn magnetic circuit calculations
  • Learn different type of winding designs
  • Learn mechanical design, vibration and noise, and thermal analysis
  • Learn the terminology such as winding factors and distribution factors
  • Explore simulation and analysis using FEA


Introduction to Electric Machines and Drives
April 17-19, 2018
Madison, WI

In the last 30 years, the introduction of power electronic drives with motors has led to new design opportunities. The increased integration of these drives and machines has triggered a quantum leap in productivity, efficiency and system performance.

This practical, hands-on course will give you a solid introduction to this rapidly expanding field under the guidance of industry experts.


Power Electronics Design Boot Camp—Electrical, Thermal, EMI, Reliability, and New Devices
June 5-7 2018
Madison, WI

You will learn to master critical subjects for effective design of power electronics, like EMI/EMC, thermal, and reliability design and selection. Expert instructors in the field will teach you to analyze and control power electronic design. They will also expose you to new power electronic devices like Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices.
In this course, you will learn about:

  • The most commonly used power electronic topologies
  • Power MOSFET and IGBT Devices and Applications
  • Gate drive design
  • Capacitors in power electronic circuits and the effects of PCB layout
  • Wide bandgap power devices (GaN and SiC) and converters
  • Thermal considerations, design for reliability, EMI and the effects of high frequency switching
  • Control dynamics

And much, much more!

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Boot Camp
June 19-20, 2018
Madison, WI

In this course, you will learn:

  • Hybridization levels and types
  • Driving cycles and fuel economy test methods
  • Traction motor and generator choices and pro’s and con’s
  • Critical concepts such as field weakening and fault tolerance
  • Traction drive power electronics and dc/dc converters
  • Batteries and supercapacitors for traction applications
  • Battery management and battery-charging systems including wireless charging
  • Vehicle dynamics, driving cycles, and torque and power performance requirements

And much, much more!