Short Courses

WEMPEC professors work with UW-Madison’s Department of Engineering Professional Development to provide many continued education short courses relating to their areas of expertise. WEMPEC sponsoring companies qualify for a discount rate on these courses.

Upcoming Short Courses

Introduction to Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC)
Oct 7-9, 2019
Madison, WI

Learn about Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), including best practices and a building-block approach with application-specific examples.

Introduction to Power Electronics
Oct 28-30, 2019
Madison, WI

Power electronics connects four subfields: electronics, magnetics, energy conversion and control systems. Using applications, examples and hands-on demonstrations, you will learn the basics and nuances.

Topics include:

  • Review of diodes, semiconductors, fundamentals of power electronics
  • DC/DC converters
  • Rectifiers, Inductors, Capacitors
  • Buck converter quick demo
  • Single and Three-phase inverters and modulation
  • Gate drives and sensors
  • Cooling, layout, and EMI considerations
  • DC bus design considerations
  • Laboratory demonstrations
  • Resonant converters
  • Multi-level converters
  • EMI
  • Thermal design of power electronics
  • Reliability of power electronics
  • New power semiconductor switches – SiC and GaN

Permanent Magnet Machine Design Boot Camp
Nov 11-14, 2019
Madison, WI

Permanent magnet (PM) electrical machine design is one of the most important skill sets needed to stay competitive in the motors and generators industry. This intensive course covers the design of several types of PM machines, including internal PM, surface PM, and brushless DC machines. You will gain essential information on the various types of PM machines used in traction motors, industrial motors, aerospace motors, appliance motors, and generator designs.

Fundamentals of Distributed Energy Resources
Nov 19-21, 2019
Madison, WI

Learn about Distributed Energy Resources including traditional and renewable energy sources, energy storage, impact of electric vehicles to power grid, microgrids.