Short Courses

WEMPEC professors work with UW-Madison’s Department of Engineering Professional Development to provide many continued education short courses relating to their areas of expertise. WEMPEC sponsoring companies qualify for a discount rate on these courses.

Upcoming Short Courses

Permanent Magnet Machine Design Bootcamp
Nov 13-16, 2018
Madison, WI

Permanent magnet (PM) electrical machine design is one of the most important skill sets needed to stay competitive in the motors and generators industry. This intensive course covers the design of several types of PM machines, including internal PM, surface PM, and brushless DC machines. You will gain essential information on the various types of PM machines used in traction motors, industrial motors, aerospace motors, appliance motors, and generator designs.

  • Learn the detailed design equations of surface permanent magnet (PM), internal PM, brushless DC machine, and PM assisted synchronous machines
  • Review PM machine applications and tear down studies
  • Learn the finite elements of PM machines
  • Review cooling, vibration, and manufacturing qualities of PM machines
  • Learn the types and characteristics of permanent magnets
  • Understand recent advancements and trends in permanent magnet technology
  • Compare pros and cons of each permanent magnet type for PM machines
  • Study equivalent circuits for permanent magnets
  • Review special topics on axial flux PM machines and PM flux switching machines
  • Understand PM machine design for loss minimization and self-sensing


Fundamentals of Distributed Energy Resources
Nov 27-29, 2018
Madison, WI

  • Learn about new distributed energy resources
  • Understand energy storage systems for residential and grid applications
  • Understand microgrids: stability and energy management
  • Explore electric vehicle charging systems and their impact on grid
  • Learn integration challenges and understand new specifications such as IEEE 1547
  • Understand importance of power electronics and its role in distributed energy resources
  • Understand how grid connected inverters work and interface with distribution systems

AC Machine Design Fundamentals – Induction Motors, PM Motors, Mechanical Design, Thermal 
Apr 9-11, 2019
Madison, WI

Through a building-block teaching approach, you will develop a basic understanding of AC electric machine design. By learning the core concepts of electromagnetic laws for machine design, magnetic circuit calculations, loss mechanisms, analytical design techniques, and other essential topics, you will improve your skills, and ultimately, your work. Recent developments in AC electric machine design also will be covered in this course.

Introduction to Electric Machines and Drives
Apr 23-25, 2019
Madison, WI

In the last 30 years, the introduction of power electronic drives with motors has led to new design opportunities. The increased integration of these drives and machines has triggered a quantum leap in productivity, efficiency and system performance.  This practical, hands-on course will give you a solid introduction to this rapidly expanding field under the guidance of industry experts.