WEMPEC Students Awarded Dvorak Energy Prize

Ashray Manur and David Sehloff were First Place winners of the Dvorak Energy Prize for their entry into this year’s Wisconsin Energy & Sustainability Challenge.  This forum, open to all current and former students in the UW-Madison College of Engineering, was held on Friday, February 23, 2018.  The Dvorak Energy Prize recognizes excellence in developing a technology applicable to energy.  Ashray and David submitted their “EnerGyan“.  It is a modular and intuitive hardware and software platform that can be used to both educate students in high school and college programs about the next generation of energy systems.  EnerGyan is a first of its kind, “electricity grid-in-a-box” which enables users to learn about energy by writing simple programs to control and manage their own energy system.

Read the full article at: https://energy.wisc.edu/news/uw-madison-entrepreneurs-compete-energy-and-sustainability-challenge

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