Professor Sarlioglu wins Grand Nagamori Award

Congratulations to our own Professor Bulent Sarlioglu, who has been named a recipient of the Nagamori Award. Sarlioglu is recognized by his “Pioneering research and development on high-efficiency and high-power density new and classical electric motors with wide bandgap device power electronic drives.”  

The award is given to outstanding researchers and development engineers studying motors, including generators and actuators. At the official recognition ceremony in Kyoto on Sept. 2, 2018, Sarlioglu will personally receive the award from Shigenobu Nagamori, the founder and CEO of Nidec Corp., the world’s preeminent comprehensive motor manufacturer.

The Nagamori Foundation was established to contribute to the scientific and industrial development inside and outside Japan by commending those who engage in R&D activities, domestic and overseas, in the area of research and technology. The Foundation’s main activity is to promote researches related to motors, actuators, and power generators, address a major challenge of “creating affluent lives” and “perpetually conserve the global environment,” and operate the Nagamori Awards, a system to commend those who have made an innovative technological development.   The event recognized six researchers in total with certificates of achievement, and Bulent was selected for special distinction and honor with the Grand Nagamori Award.

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