Prof. Dan Ludois Selected as Moore Inventor Fellow

We are delighted that Prof. Dan Ludois has been selected as one of five of this year’s recipients of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Moore Inventor Fellow!

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation co-founder, Gordon Moore, who also co-founded Intel, had a passion for science and a penchant for inventing that helped fuel the digital revolution.  It was his purpose and drive that provided part of the deep history of science and invention at the core of Silicon Valley.  The fellowship gives these outstanding individuals the freedom and support they need to do their work, and help nurture them on their journey.  Each fellow receives a total of $825,000 over three years to drive their invention forward, including $50,000 per year from their home institution.

“Our foundation provides these early-career researchers with time and freedom to develop ideas that will make a positive difference,” said Robert Kirshner, Ph.D., chief program officer of science at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. “Nurturing these scientist-inventors within universities and providing them a glimpse of the outside world will help their ideas have a real impact.”

Daniel Ludois’ invention is an electric motor based on electrostatic forces rather than magnetic fields, eliminating the use of rare earth elements and copper.  His goal is to create light-weight electric motors that result in sustainable higher performance and lower cost.

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