New Text Book Published!

We are glad to share news about the publication of the text book ‘Feedback Amplifiers: Design Oriented Analysis’, coauthored by Prof Hitchon and Prof. Giri Venkataramanan.

Many in the power electronics community are familiar with Middlebrook’s stability criteria for dc-dc converters, now extended to ac power converters and microgrids that is based on impedance matching among interconnected systems. What people don’t know was that Middlebrook started his illustrious career in the field of transistor amplifiers and was well-known for his iconoclastic analytical tools for analog circuit design that he evangelized throughout his career. The cornerstone of his work was the formulation of the feedback theorem and the extra-element theorem, that lead to the Middlebrook’s stability criteria.

This new book is set to bring some of Middlebrook’s best-secret analytical tool-sets for amplifier design into undergraduate electrical engineering curricula for the first time. The text is aimed at the second semester course in analog amplifiers as an alternative to many of the deficient works in the market. Much of the credit to the this work goes to Prof. Hitchon, who became enthusiastic upon his first exposure to the topics from Prof. Giri Venkataramanan and has been an unstoppable driver behind this publication. After their efforts to get this work released through a major publishing house fell-through after their unreasonable demands to cover ‘modern’ material, it has been published independently. In homage to Middlebrook’s native heritage from New Castle, the imprint has been named ‘Geordie Boy’.

The manuscript has been classroom-tested for years. It is full of thoroughly worked examples. It uses the familiar ‘doing the algebra on the circuit diagram’ to a print-friendly format where the steps of the algebra are indicated on the circuit diagram, and the algebra is separately tabulated with the annotations. Even though the book focuses on Feedback Amplifiers, the problem solving and modeling tools therein are applicable universally, and in fact formed the foundations of many of the power converter modeling tools we use today.
You can order a copy conveniently from Amazon. It is available at a low price with a friendly and readable large-font.

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