Meet WEMPEC’s Incoming Student Cohort – Fall 2023

Meet WEMPEC’s Incoming Student Cohort!

We are excited to welcome the new students joining WEMPEC this Fall! The graduate students from the new cohort are helping professors Jinia Roy and Lei Zhou kickstart their new research groups at WEMPEC, continuing the tradition of international exchange and collaboration with other universities, and further growing the MS-Professional program.

Hyeongmeen Baik – PhD 2028
Junnan Gao – PhD 2027
YiZhou Han – PhD 2028
Laura Homiller – PhD 2025
Immanuel Williams – PhD 2028
Jingjie Wu – PhD 2025
MS-Professional (December 2024/May2025)
Muhammed Alimi
Sankar Ram Chandrasekar
Shelly Jain
Mohammad Jana
Dheerej Manickavasagam Jawahar
Pradyumna Rajesh
Visiting Scholars
Riccardo Breda – PhD 2024
(University of Udine, Italy)
MS-Professional (December 2024 / May 2025 cont’d)
Varunraj Shinde
Ratnesh Kumar Singh
Ryan Sujith
Ravi Atul Thiyagarajan
NSF ASCENT Grant for Profs. Pasayat, Gupta, and Ludois
WEMPEC Affiliate Professors Shubra Pasayat and Chirag Gupta, together with WEMPEC Professor Daniel Ludois, have received a $1.5 Million NSF ASCENT grant to leverage wide bandgap (WBG) and ultra-wide-bandgap (UWBG) materials to develop ultra-efficient, high-voltage monolithic bidirectional transistors to be utilized in efficient bidirectional power flow enabling circuits. They aim to take a materials, devices, and circuit co-design approach to tackle both semiconductor device and circuit challenges simultaneously.NSF ASCENT (Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams) grants specifically support interdisciplinary research “involving devices, circuits, systems and/or networks, with a focus on improving energy efficiency to combat climate change and enhance energy security.”
We hope to see you at ECCE this year at the Luminaries Special Session on October 31st.
Professor and former WEMPEC Director, Thomas M Jahns, will be honored as one of two scholars in the field of power electronics.Refreshments will begin at 5:00 p.m. in Room 207, followed by the Special Sessions at 5:30 p.m.This special session will celebrate the lifetime professional achievements of Professor Jahns during the past 50 years. Prof. Jahns is known worldwide for his pioneering contributions to electric machines and power electronics, particularly in the field of high-performance permanent magnet machines and drives. These contributions span a wide range of ground-breaking technologies, beginning with the fault-tolerant modular motor drives that he developed during his Ph.D. studies and continuing today with his latest advances in state-of-the-art integrated motor drives using wide-bandgap switches in current-source inverter topologies for emerging automotive and aerospace applications. Prof. Jahns is a Life Fellow of IEEE and a US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) member. He is the recipient of the 2005 IEEE Nikola Tesla Technical Field Award and the 2022 IEEE Medal in Power Engineering. Invited speakers will share their perspectives about Prof. Jahns’ technical contributions as well as special memories and anecdotes drawn from their personal relationships with Prof. Jahns.