Stellantis – Electric Motor Technical Specialist – NVH


Title Electric Motor Technical Specialist – NVH
Employment Type Full Time
Percent Travel 0-20%
Physical Location Headquarters & Technology Center – Auburn Hills
Location Code 1250
Department 7870 – Electric Drive Systems
Compensation Category Mid-Level Professional
New/Replacement New
Hiring Manager Dhafar Al-Ani
Job Description The Electric Motor Technical Specialist is responsible for the E-Motors’ NVH Design, Manufacturing, and Assembly for automotive electrification applications. This role includes the development of the Electromagnetic design and specification of different E-Motors for all types of Electrified Propulsions (LV/HV for MHEVs, PHEVs, and BEVs). Also, this role will provide technical assistance to other E-Motor Design Aspects. The Engineer will coordinate prototype build and dyno test activities. He/she will stay abreast of new E-Motors technology including Benchmarking and Lead the NVH Design and Analysis activities and its subcomponents development. The Engineer will participate in E-Motors technical roadmap and develop different Electromagnetic concepts of E-Motors Systems to meet vehicle requirements.
Position Requirements Basic Qualifications: 

●       Master of Science degree in Electrical or equivalent Engineering from an ABET accredited university

●       Minimum of 5 years of NVH Design and Analysis for traction E-Motors

●       Experience in Designing, Manufacturing and Assembly of different NVH design topologies for traction E-Motors

●       Experience with NVH Principles, Modeling,  and Analysis (Radial/Tangential Forces, Sound Pressure, Sound Power, Waterfall, Campbell diagram, Radiated Noises, Vibrations, etc.)

●       Experience of E-Motors’ Mechanical, Electromagnetic, and Thermal Analysis and Testing

●       Extensive experience in Thermal Simulations (ANSYS, Manatee, EOMYS, MotorCAD, ACTRAN, Other NVH SW)

●       Experience in E-Motors Design for Manufacturing and E-Motors Design for Assembly (DFMEA, PFEMA, DRBTR, DRBFM, etc.)

●       Experience in E-Motors prototyping and production

●       Materials knowledge in E-Motors subcomponents

●       Knowledge of E-Motor design principles, operation, testing, and reliability

●       Knowledge of E-Motor subcomponents design and development such as magnet wires, insulation papers, steel lamination, magnets, shaft, bearing, etc.

●       Knowledge of different E-Motor technologies, IPM, IM, Axial flux, SRM

●       Knowledgeable in regards to GD&T

●       As appropriate, owns the test-to-learn process, data collection, and analysis of E-Motors’ Performance, Losses, and Efficiency results.

●       Excellent communication skills and demonstrated ability to work both independently and with others


Preferred Qualifications:

●       Ph.D. degree in Electrical or Equivalent Engineering from an ABET accredited university

●       Familiarity with automotive product development processes and project management

●       Excellent problem solving techniques and analytical ability

●       Excellent leadership skills

●       Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

●       Knowledgeable in use of Team Center with experience in NX in a production release environment.

  ●        Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled
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Job Category Product Design & Engineering-Powertrain
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