Parker – Senior Power Electronic Engineer

This position is part of Parker’s Electronic Motion & Controls Division (EMC) which provides technologies that create and control motion to customers across a wide range of applications and industries. This exciting opportunity allows you to become part of a team that aligns products and worldwide engineering and manufacturing capabilities to build our presence in a growing electrification space. EMC brings together decades of controls and electronics design and manufacturing expertise with significant growth opportunities presented by our mobile electrification and industrial efforts. Researches and carries out complex or innovative engineering assignments requiring the development of new or improved methods, techniques, and procedures. Contributes to and has responsibility for the completion of significant assignments with broad product, technology, customer, and strategic business impact.


• Develops complex new or refined materials, processes, products, concepts and/or scientific methods by applying advanced theories, concepts, principles, and processes in the area of power electronics and drives. Promotes the advancement and effective utilization of technology in products and processes. • Responsible for Power Electronics and motor controller hardware technology development, and implementation in products, working collaboratively with division engineering teams. • Communicates and coordinates directly with other senior technical representatives (e.g., suppliers, customers, government) to reach agreement on issues relating to power electronics and drives technology. Maintains frequent formal and informal customer interface on technical issues. • Evaluates advanced project specifications/proposals by studying product or system design and customer technical program requirements (including performance, service and support, and data requirements), to identify emerging technology feasibility, opportunities and risks. • Provides expert technical advice and recommendations; may support multiple business units or divisions. Leads major design and technical project reviews. Advises on regulatory and intellectual property concerns. • Operationalizes new technologies in specialty or related areas to improve cost and performance by applying advanced engineering design methods, theories, and research techniques. • Completes comprehensive research and analysis concerning manufacturing, processing, or test techniques, materials, properties, and process advantages and limitations which affect long range plant and product engineering strategic planning. • Communicates and coordinates directly with other senior technical representatives of suppliers, customers, government, or general program information and specific technical issues. Serves as primary contact on product capabilities and future efforts. • Conducts analyses and/or tests pertaining to the development of new designs, methods, materials or processes and publishing findings and/or results. May review and/or approve the work of others. • Compiles and analyzes operation, test, and research data to establish performance standards for newly designed or modified equipment or products. Assesses the soundness of tests when necessary data are insufficient or conformation by testing is advisable. Develops and/or evaluates acceptance engineering evaluation and qualification/certification test plans, procedures, and reports. • Ensures consistent engineering standards, processes, and documentation methods are used in project deliverable. Establishes and maintains engineering history files and related information to archive technical activities. • Maintains advanced level of professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing technical publications, benchmarking best practices, and/or participating in professional associations. • Acts as consultant to senior management on technical matters. Identifies mentoring and development needs; serves as a mentor for other employees. May serve as division or functional specialist


• Bachelor degree (BS) (or Professional Engineer (PE) Certificate) in Electrical Engineering; Masters or Ph.D advanced degree preferred. • Expertise in developing mobile motor inverter hardware solutions in the 15kW – 250kW range including the following: o Power electronic design and layout for 200VDC to 800VDC supplies, 24 VDC to 96 VDC supplies, and power levels in the range 15 kW to 250kW. o Thermal performance calculations. o Thermal and circuit modelling and simulation. o IGBT/MOSFET and SiC gate drive design and short-circuit protection. o DC link component design and sizing. o SMPS design. o Schematic entry & power PCB layout for EMC & safety. o EMC compliance. o Electrical safety. o Environmental design (RoHS, WEEE). o Functional Safety Design (e.g., STO, ISO 13849, ISO 26262). o SFMEA, DFMEA (& PFMEA optional). o CE / UL compliant design. o Sizing, design, and test of external components (e.g., filters, brake resistors). o Design for Cost / Design for Quality. • Full power electronics architecture design, integration, and testing experience, familiar with DAQ and hardware in the loop technics. Labview software and CANalyzer experience will be a plus. • Experience with control board development and signal integrity issues is a strong plus. • Demonstrated ability to perform the essential functions of the job typically acquired through more than 10 years of related experience in the field of Power electronics and drives technology. Experience with various design elements, including thermal management, packaging and reliability required. Strong understanding of various electric motor technologies required. Experience with advanced control designs such as space vector modulation is required. • Strong experience in New Product Development, having developed and released at least two products from concept to launch. • Expert knowledge of emerging product or domain engineering theories (e.g. mechanical, electrical, electronic, packaging, etc.), principles, industry practices, concepts, techniques, government regulations, and policies. Advances the portfolio of knowledge through submitting publications or invention patents in the area of power electronics and drives. • Demonstrated ability to research, develop, and integrate new technologies. • Ability to communicate and influence varied audiences to gain support or resolve issues. Makes effective presentations on complex topics to top management, customers, and/or other key stakeholders. • Ability to apply and integrate knowledge of other related engineering areas or experts to own area of expertise. • Proficient with power electronics design software and specialized data analysis, research methodologies, and engineering design tools. • Ability to provide technical direction to the team, customers, or suppliers at project milestones. • Ability to respond to significant inquiries from customers, regulatory agencies, or other internal teams.