Grainger Awards

2021 Graduate Awardees

Robert McElveen

Credentials: PhD 2021

My research at UW-Madison involves improving the synchronization capability of line start permanent magnet motors. 

James Swanke

Credentials: PhD 2022

My research has focused on the design and evaluation of modular fault-tolerant electrical machines for aerospace. These machines are designed to continue working even after an internal failure, which is critical for safety in aerospace applications.  

Lav Thyagarajan

Credentials: PhD 2021

The deep expertise, excellence, passion and accommodating traits of the WEMPEC faculty is what motivated me to pursue my PhD at UW Madison while I work at John Deere.

2021 Undergraduate Awardees

Fotios Emery

Credentials: B.S. 2021

I discovered power engineering my junior year when I began work as a research assistant for WEMPEC, and that passion increased after volunteering as the electrical engineering lead for the WiscWind team.

Alexander Laning

Credentials: B.S. 2020

I took a power fundamentals class and discovered how complex and difficult effective power distribution is on a national scale and I was in awe that we manage to do it at all.

Riley McCormick

Credentials: B.S. 2020

My interest in Power Engineering deepened after taking ECE 355. “This opened my eyes to the aspects of power engineering outside of electrical distribution and started my interest in power electronics and electric machines."

Shea Niccum

Credentials: B.S. 2020

I wanted to to go into a field where I could contribute to technologies to mitigate climate issues. In particular, I'm interested in improving renewable energy integration with the grid, whether that's by making those technologies fit in the
current infrastructure or
rethinking the grid entirely.

Cameron Perry

Credentials: B.S. 2020

My heart was set on microelectronics, but after taking a couple of Power Engineering classes and reading more about
alternate energy and microgrids,
I developed a new passion.

Rachel Ruzicka

Credentials: B.S. 2020

Engineering has always been my passion. I love how the technology
is always changing
and moving towards the
goal of providing clean energy.

Maxwell Vasatko

Credentials: B.S. 2020

I'm interested in the potential for renewable energy sources like wind and solar, and I'm 
fascinated by the workings of
the electric distribution network. 

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