Distance Education

Distance education continues to be a major priority of the WEMPEC faculty, providing a valuable benefit to the employees of WEMPEC sponsor organizations and engineers everywhere. The UW–Madison online degree program offers 19 undergraduate and graduate courses via recorded lectures. The ability to offer this broad range of online courses to off campus students  makes it possible for working engineers to earn master’s degrees at their home locations with a minimum of on-campus residency requirements.

A stepping stone to the online degree program is our Capstone Certificate in Power Conversion and Control. This certificate is offered to online students who successfully complete a fixed sequence of three graduate courses in power electronics, drives, and controls. In addition to the value of this certificate as a respected credential for practicing engineers in their workplace, this capstone program also serves as a critical first step for students wishing to apply for admission into our online master of science degree program in Electrical Engineering: Power Engineering and credits earned through the Capstone Certificate can be applied to the Master’s program.

WEMPEC courses offered via the online degree program are updated regularly to ensure that students are exposed to the most recent developments in each of the key areas of power technology. Students view recorded lectures at times and locations that fit their schedules, while completing course assignments and tests on schedules comparable to those of their on-campus counterparts. Arrangements are made to ensure convenient access to the responsible WEMPEC faculty member via telephone and email for all course-related questions. Live sessions are also offered by TAs and faculty depending on the course.