2022 Annual Review

May 17th to May 18th, 2022

1415 Engineering Hall

Madison, WI

Join us for in-person technical presentations presented by our faculty and students followed by our “open lab” research project discussion session.

All sponsoring companies are invited to attend both days. Alumni invited to attend the Wednesday event only.


Tuesday, May 17th

8:00 Welcome – WEMPEC Director Prof. Giri Venkataramanan
8:05 Prof. Susan Hagness – Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering
8:10 WEMPEC: Future Initiatives – Prof. Giri Venkataramanan


8:30 Magical Multiharmonic Multiphase Machines – Prof. Eric Severson
9:00 Design of Multiphase Windings – Anvar Khamitov & Nishanth
9:20 State Observers and Run-Out Reduction in Rotary Maglev Systems – Nathan Petersen


10:00 Research Reflection: My past decade and my next decade – Prof. Dan Ludois
10:30 Non-contact voltage sensing techniques – Blake Rose
10:50 Rotating Double Layer Capacitors – Sarah Behringer
11:10 Challenges and Opportunities for Wide Bandgap Device Power Electronics – Prof. Bulent Sarlioglu
11:40 Pushing the Limits of Integrated Motor Drive Technology using WBG-Based Current Source Inverters – Renato A. Torres


1:00 Distributed Control and Self-Sensing of PM Modular Motor Drives for Electric Aircraft Propulsion – Hao Zeng
1:20 Modeling and Control Advances in Power Conversion – Prof. Giri Venkataramanan
1:40 DC Bus Regulation in Modular Multilevel Matrix Converters – Rafael Castillo Sierra
2:00 Adaptive State Feedback Control of Active Rectifiers – Aidar Zhetessov
2:20 Distributed Synchronized Three Phase Waveform Generation – Thomas Nguyen
2:30 – 5:00 On-Campus Poster Session

WEMPEC 41st Banquet Dinner

5:30 – 8:00pm on Tuesday, May 17th

Sponsors and all alumni are invited to attend

Wednesday, May 18th

8:00 Opening Remarks – Prof. Emeritus Tom Jahns
8:05 Dean Ian Robertson – College of Engineering Welcome
8:10 WEMPEC Affiliate Faculty Introductions – Prof. Bulent Sarlioglu
8:25 InterPro Continuing Education Opportunities – Prof. Bulent Sarlioglu


8:30 Dr. Phil Krein – Electric Cars: How do we set up massive infrastructure to charge them up? Do they really bring benefits?


9:45 Prof. Johann Kolar – Power Electronics 4.0
10:45 Prof. Scott Sudhoff – Introduction to the Dual Rotor Homopolar AC Machine (DHAM)
11:45 Guest Speaker Panel – Moderated by Prof. Emeritus Thomas Jahns


1:00 – 3:00 On-Campus Poster Session
3:00  Alumni Gathering @ Union South

Monday Informal Gathering

7:00 – 9:00pm on Monday, May 16th

Sponsors are invited to attend an informal gathering at the iconic UW Memorial Union Terrace. Our group can be identified by the red WEMPEC logo at the tables. Food and refreshments are available for purchase at the Union.


Guest Speakers

Dr. Philip T Krein  

Dr. Philip Krein holds the Grainger Endowed Chair Emeritus in Electric Machinery and Electromechanics at the University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign where he also serves as the Director of the Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromagnetics. His research interests include all aspects of power electronics, machines, drives, and electric transportation, with emphasis on nonlinear control approaches. He is Fellow of the IEEE and the US National Academy of Inventers and a Member of the US National Academy of Engineering.

The shift to more-electric cars and transportation brings opportunities for control, extreme performance, energy reduction and flexibility, cheaper operation, and lower emissions. Customers see limited range, battery performance limits, slow refueling, and lack of charging facilities as big drawbacks.  This presentation shows how a 2050 infrastructure vision yields relatively clear insight. The implications are that energy needs of most electric and plug-in hybrid cars can be met with the conventional electrical outlets most of us have or can install, but long-haul trucks have distinct needs. Safety protection, metering, billing, and other functions can be supported by a car to turn a “dumb” electrical outlet into a smart vehicle charge point. Actual driver needs are discussed, showing how more advanced chargers fit in.  Survey results on the University of Illinois campus help to support the ideas. The talk explores how to think differently about electric cars and energy. Flexibility can make electric vehicles important partners for the future of electricity. It explores the roles of universities, industry, and communities for massive infrastructure development and deployment.

Professor Johann Kolar 

Professor Johann Kolar holds the professorship in power electronic systems at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The focus of his current research is on ultra-compact/efficient WBG converter systems, ANN-based design procedures, solid-state transformers, ultra-high speed drives, and bearingless motors. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and an International Member of the US National Academy of Engineering.

Professor Scott Sudhoff 

Professor Scott Sudhoff currently serves as the Michael and Katherine Birck Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University in Indiana. His research interests include electric machinery, power electronics, marine and aerospace power systems, applied control, and evolutionary computing. Much of his current research focuses on genetic algorithms and their application to power electronic converter and electric machine design. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Power and Energy Technology System Journal.